David Stinson Theatre School


David Stinson

CEO and Executive Principal

David Stinson founded the David Stinson Theatre School seven years ago and it has gone from strength to strength.

Having performed around the world and on the West End stage, as well as performing alongside huge celebrities, David has a wealth of performance experience to pass on to his students.

He is also a determined entrepreneur and leads a number of businesses including International Performing Arts & Theatre; Phoenix Associates, and the Global Education Trust.

Adam Tate

Executive Director

Adam is a Qualified Teacher and has a Masters Degree from University of Oxford. His academic background supports the Theatre School by ensuring that our programmes are educationally relevant. In addition, his background in non formal education adds value for planning exciting and releavnt lessons. Furthermore, with significant expereience in safeguarding he helps to ensure that the David Stinson Theatre School is a safe and positive learning environment.

Keith Warren

Guilford School of Music & Drama
Postgraduate of Royal Academy of Music
Performed professionally in USA and UK

Amy Goater

Member of Girlband The Sundae's
Performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
International Performer & Singer

Jeremiah Olusola

Danced for Akram Khan
Graduate of Roehampton University
Masters Degree at Roehampton University