David Stinson Theatre School


David Stinson

CEO and Executive Principal

David Stinson founded the David Stinson Theatre School four years ago and since it has gone from strength to strength.

Having performed around the world and on the West End stage, as well as performing alongside huge celebrities, David has a wealth of performance experience to pass on to his students.

He is also a determined entrepreneur and leads a number of businesses including International Performing Arts & Theatre; David Stinson Agency, Phoenix Associates, Avidio Education; and the Global Education Trust.


Our Leadership Team

Our team is made up of some pretty amazing people...

Karen Gandhorkia

Child Protection Officer & Talent Agent
Karen has a background in Social Work and a passion for the arts. She leads the way in child protection and assists in business development. Karen is also the Head Agent and provides further opportunities to our students.

Adam J. Tate

Business Director & Talent Agent
Adam has a Masters Degree from the world's leading university - University of Oxford. He works closely with David Stinson in leading the companies and schools forward and continually developing the programmes that they offer.

Odette Gibson

Accountant & Business Consultant
Odette is a very good friend of David Stinson and has assisted in the development of his schools for a while now. She is the CEO of Volensis Accountancy and owns a number of bars & restaurants throughout London.