Weekly Planner Whilst Self-Isolation 

We have created a suggested timetable for your children to follow each day whilst schools are closed due to the coronavirus. You will need to print the worksheets out for your child at the start of each day. If you do not have a printer and your child attends our Saturday School, please drop us an email and we will try to get these resources to you. This page will continuously be updated with new resources and links. 

DISCLAIMER: All of the links and resources are for educational purposes only. We do not own the rights to some of the resources and/or links below. 



8am - 9am

Breakfast Time

Get Washed, Dressed & Ready To Learn


9am - 10am

AWESOME ANIMALS (National Geographic Kids)  Suitable for children aged from 5 to 12

Watch the video and then do the activities.


10am - 10.15am

Time to have a break! 

A Glass of Water and a Little Bite to Eat!


10.15am - 11am

SUPER MOVERS - MATHS (BBC Teach) Suitable for Key Stage 1 children aged 5 to 7

Key Stage 2 children should have been given work from their class teachers.

For Week 2, why not create a FREE account on Carol Vorderman's 'The Math's Factor'. All of the tasks fit in with the National Curriculum. 


11am - 11.15am

Time to have a break!

A Glass of Water and some exercise. This video is suitable for all children. 


11.15am - 12pm


12pm - 1pm

Lunch Time

Time for your lunch and a glass of water!

Once you've finished your lunch, why not do some yoga. This video is suitable for all children.


1pm - 3pm

Children should now complete any work set by the school teacher.


3pm - 3.30pm

Reading Practise or Quiet Reading