Welcome to the school T Shirt and Hoodie order page! We're excited to offer these stylish and comfortable items for purchase. To place your order, simply fill out the webform below.

In addition to the T Shirt and Hoodie, we ask that children wear plain black jogging pants or black jazz pants. These can be easily found at most department stores. For footwear, we recommend trainers or jazz dance shoes. And for safety and convenience, we ask that children with long hair tie it back into a bun or tight ponytail.

If your child participates in ballet, jazz, tap, street, lyrical, or acrobatic dance classes, please scroll down for additional information.

The T Shirt is priced at £15 and the Hoodie at £20. To complete your order, please make payment to the following account:

Account Name: David Stinson Theatre School Limited
Sort Code: 20 - 18 - 93
Account Number: 00139521

Thank you for your order and for supporting our school!



To ensure a cohesive and professional appearance, we kindly request that children participating in our dance programme wear the Theatre School T-Shirt and Hoodie when traveling to and from our facility. Additionally, we require all dancers to purchase appropriate dance attire, which can be conveniently acquired by clicking on the following link:

1st Position Basque Skirt (Black)
1st Position Emma Dance Catsuit (Black)
1st Position Leather Ballet Shoes (Black)
1st Position Boy's Loose Shorts (Black)
1st Position Junior Leather Lace Up Tap Shoe
1st Position Junior Leather Lace Up Tap Shoe
1st Position Side Slip on Full Sole Jazz Shoe